Media Mentions

A few people who found my work helpful

Financial Times

Financial Times: How New York’s missteps let Covid-19 overwhelm the US

Neoliberal Podcast

Neoliberal Podcast: The Hammer and the Dance ft. Michael LeVasseur & Michael Donnelly

NYPost Article

NYPost: NYC map shows total cases testing positive for coronavirus by ZIP code BY JULIA MARSH


Politico: New York City hospitals prepare for patient surge By JOE ANUTA and AMANDA EISENBERG

WNYC's Gothamist

Gothamist: 'It Will Overwhelm the Healthcare System' BY GWYNNE HOGAN, WNYC

Andy Slavitt Tweet

Ex-Obama health care head Andy Slavitt

Epidemic Podcast

EPIDEMIC Podcast with Dr. Celine Gounder and Ronald Klain: Running Out of Time with Michael Donnelly

Chris Hayes Tweet

MSNBC's Chris Hayes

c|net Article

c|net: GIF shows ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ eclipsing the eclipse BY PATRICK HOLLAND